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About Us

Qarido – About Us

Welcome to Qarido. After many years working in factories in the past, I have very strong memories of the safety shoes we were given to wear. 

They were mandatory, but were very ugly, uncomfortable, and just incredibly heavy and unwieldy to have on your feet for a long day of work on the factory floor. It’s important to appreciate that when push comes to shove, it would be better to wear those shoes and avoid injuries than to avoid wearing them and put the company in jeopardy for not following safety regulations and causing accidents.

Having said that, did they really have to be so cumbersome and unappealing?

That experience is what motivated me to come up with the ideas and concepts that led to the products we are offering here at Qarido. I wanted to make a big difference in the lives of people who were working in similar places to where I used to work. 

What Makes Qarido Shoes Different?

To disrupt the marketplace and give factory and warehouse workers an alternative to old-fashioned and weighty safety shoes that have been commonplace in the industry for too long, I needed our products to be the complete opposite. Some of their main differences are outlined below. 

Lightweight, Comfortable, and Aesthetically Pleasing

Our shoes are lightweight, comfortable and, although they may only appeal to some people, look really good too. What’s more, they adhere to all the current safety regulations. We have not cut any corners in the process of bringing Qarido shoes to market. From the smallest to the largest component and the processes used to put them together, everything has been by the book. The components themselves all meet the ISO standards.

Affordable Alternative

On the subject of the components and materials we’ve used, not only do they still adhere to ISO standards and offer the safety you expect, but they also are more affordable. Have you noticed that safety shoes, and shoes in general, seem to get more expensive every year? That’s what we wanted to avoid with these and so far, we have stuck to that commitment. 

Suitable for All Industries

Although I drew inspiration from my experiences working in factories in the earlier part of my career, I knew our shoes had to appeal to a wider customer base. That is why we are happy to say that Qarido shoes will be the perfect option for anyone working in construction, farming, factories, healthcare, gardening, or looking to wear them for hiking at the gym and so much more. 

Basically, if you are looking for comfortable, lightweight shoes that look good while giving you the protection you need, consider our awesome Qarido shoes. 

Our Goal 

Ultimately, our goal as a safety footwear company is to provide as many people who need them with Qarido shoes, whether they use them as work shoes or not, that will keep them protected, without feeling like blocks of lead and looking like them too.

Please check out our online store and if you have any questions about our shoes, please don’t hesitate to contact us on