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No need to sacrifice comfort for safety when it comes to your work shoes!

September 10, 2021 8 min read

Your feet need to be treated well!  We all take our feet for granted and don’t really think about how much stress we put them under every single day - they get us from point a to point b, help us achieve what we want to in the day, and then we put them up in the evening thinking that’s enough of a rest for them.

Our feet do so much more than that though.  They are literally the pillars that hold our bodies up all day long, the primary point on the body that feels the most force and carries the largest load.  This is why they are so vital to look after.  But unfortunately, it’s usually only after we’ve had an injury to our feet do we realaise their importance.  Then we start wishing we’d taken the necessary precautions to protect our feet properly!

Those of you who work in fields like construction, healthcare, the emergency services, or the food industry, know the importance of high-quality safety footwear already.  So, you don’t need a lecture from us. In fact, it’s usually an enforced rule that you wear safety shoes during your working day.  But, for the rest of us, it’s an important reminder that safety shoes should be a consideration for everyday activities too.

There are lots of recreational activities that pose a danger to our feet that you almost certainly won’t think about - You could drop a heavy weight on your foot in the gym, you could slip while hiking, or get your foot caught under heavy rocks or logs, you could even stand on an old nail while doing some DIY at home.  There is more need for safety shoes in life than you might realise.

The problem is, however, that comfort is usually sacrificed for safety and durability.  Your choices for safety footwear that really delivers to a high standard leave a lot to be desired. They are limited to large, heavy work boots that are neither comfortable nor particularly flattering.  They serve one purpose, to keep your feet safe by being an impenetrable force field around them.

They are not designed to fit snuggly or comfortably.  They are not designed to bend and move with your foot.  They barely come with any sort of cushioning on the inside in most cases.  They are solid, sturdy, and functional.  That’s it.

It is no wonder, then, that the most popular choice of footwear around the world is the humble trainer and not the safety boot.  And given the trainer industry runs to the tune of 70 billion dollars a year and rising, they are laughing at the lack of competition all the way to the bank. 

Trainers are light, comfortable, flexible, and you can choose almost any design to suit your wants or needs.  They can be casual, stylish, garish, make a statement.  They are perfect for sports, for lounging, for heading out to the clubs, for taking the dog for a walk, for just about any activity really. It’s no wonder they are dominating.   

What they lack, however, is much in the way of protection for your feet from heavy falling objects, sharp protruding objects, water, heat or any other hazard that you might find in a workplace (or out on the streets if we’re honest). 

So, people are putting comfort and style above safety when it comes to their feet.

To be fair, it’s not the worst choice (at least from a comfort point of view).  Making sure your feet are comfortable is an important part of looking after your feet.  In fact, there are more health dangers for your feet than you might think from simply wearing uncomfortable shoes all day:

Blisters and corns – If you’re wearing shoes all day every day that are the wrong size, or uncomfortable can and will cause rubbing.  And we all know what that leads to!  Blisters we all know are incredibly annoying and painful if you keep working on them.  Corns are developed as a way for your feet to protect themselves from too much stress and aren’t that much more fun than blisters.

They can cause joint pain – Shoes that lack the proper shock absorption can lead to sore joints.  If your shoes aren’t absorbing the brunt of every step then that force is transferred to the knees and ankles.  Over time this can develop into some sever joint pain, and will increase the severity of your arthritis.

Additional heel pain – or plantar fasciitis as your doctor would call it is far more prevalent in today's society than you would think.  It is caused by ligaments pulling and tearing in your heels because of a lack of support from your ill-fitting or uncomfortable shoes.  This can become a chronic problem and take years to heal (pun intended!).

Increased risk of ingrown toenails – This is something we all want to avoid.  It’s as simple as that!  A shoe that does not fit correctly or give enough space for your toes can often lead to ingrown toenails.  This can be incredibly painful, and if not addressed leads to surgery.

Athlete’s foot – it’s not just reserved for athletes!  Anyone can get it and the primary cause is uncomfortable ill-fitting shoes that don’t give your feet a proper chance to breathe.

It is no wonder that people’s choice of footwear is a trainer rather than a safety work boot.  They have no decent options in the safety arena.  Until now that is…

We are here to tell you that you don’t have to sacrifice safety and durability for comfort and style. You can have both!

Here at Qarido,we pride ourselves on our work shoes.  Whether you are looking for an athletic shoe that can take a beating, a pair of everyday shoes that keep your feet secretly safe, or a traditional work boot designed for comfort and safety that won’t leave your feet tired and sore, we have the answers for you.

Our shoes are all fit with the highest-grade protection on the market.  We do not skimp on quality, we only use extremely durable and lightweight materials to ensure our shoes are strong, light, safe and will last for years.

All of our shoes have –

Steel toe caps that are made from heavy-duty steel to protect your toes. They are European standard too so they meet all the safety standards required to use for work.  

Puncture-resistant soles are built with military-grade material to make sure that nothing can accidentally puncture the bottom of your shoes.  Those rusty nails will have to find some other victim. 

Anti-slip soles make sure you stay steady on any surface.  Did you know that 37% of workplace injuries are from slipping, tripping, or falling.

Shock resistance built-in means you are protecting your joints, keeping your body fit and moving.

Twistable to adjust to your feet’s movement ensuring maximum comfort no matter what the terrain or activity.

Super comfy Hypoli insoles ensure your feet are given the highest level of comfort while inside the shoes.

Lightweightshoes mean that after a hard day's work you don’t come home with tired, achy feet.

You really won’t find a better blend of safety and comfort from a shoe anywhere else on the planet.  And you won’t find a higher standard of safety either.

What’s more, we have a huge range of designs and styles meaning you could have a pair of our shoes for every occasion.

Let’s have a look at a few of our ranges to give you an idea of what to expect.

Armour range

From European standard steel toe to Kevlar stab proof midsoles to anti-slip, shock resistant, and puncture-proof soles the Armour range is a safety trainer that will transform your footwear game.  

They’re also incredibly comfortable!  They are flexible, springy and light weight.

They really are the all-in-one solution for your work shoes that are the perfect combination of safety, style and comfort.


These are by far and away the most technologically advanced trainer on the market today.  They are not only built for safety with steel toe caps, anti-slip rubber outsoles, and puncture-resistant materials, they are also meant to perform.  Being lightweight and with extreme hypoli comfort insoles, they are perfect for working on-site, in the gym, or out and about on the weekend.


If you’re looking for truly stylish shoes that pack a big punch then look no further.  The Arkin range is the perfect shoe for almost every occasion.  With sleek lines and artful detail they are made from premium fabrics that are breathable, strong, and durable.  Military-grade materials make them top of their game for safety, they are the ideal all-day shoe.


Sometimes we just can’t be bothered to lace up our trainers, and that’s totally fair.  We have you covered there too.  Our stylish slip-on shoes have a sleek modern design that will work well with any outfit and, you guessed it, the highest level of protection available.  Steel toecaps, steel midsoles, anti-slip bottoms, shockproof layers.  They even have electric shock insulation for added protection in the workplace.  These are the everyday shoes that you will never want to take off.


A more recognisable work boot style, don’t let the look fool you into thinking these are any less comfortable.  They are built for peak performance whether on a building site or trekking through the jungle, the Thunder range will get you through anything.  They’re even waterproof!  They pack all the necessary safety features; steel toecap, shockproof, impenetrable soles.  They are also just great-looking boots if we do say so ourselves.


If you’re looking for a little extra ankle support then look no further.  These high-top trainers are also made from breathable flymesh to maximise airflow keeping your feet at just the right temperature all day long.  They are extremely flexible and light reducing wear strain on your feet too.

Their safety features are second to none too – steel toecaps, military-grade Kevlar soles, and shock-absorbing insoles with 3D arch support.  They are even fire-resistant.  Incredible!


For that extra bit of protection, these trainers have a steel plate in the sole on top of the steel toe caps, anti-slip, shock resistant, and puncture-resistant soles, and stab-proof midsole.  Their safety features are not at the cost of their style and comfort, however.  Ideal for any situation, whether school, work, a night out, these trainers will fit in perfectly, and will keep your feet comfortable throughout.  They are built to last for years and years too, so buy once and then reap the rewards.

Smooth Operator

For the cool everyday look to replace those old work shoes look no further than our Smooth Operator range.  No more heavy work boots weighing you down, no more uncomfortable insoles leaving your feet aching at the end of the day.  These boots are lightweight, extremely comfortable, and have all the safety features you would ever need on a work site or for a bit of home DIY.  Featuring military-grade Kevlar midsoles, European standard steel-toe cap protection, shockproof layers, and breathable midsoles, they combine the best blend of style, comfort, and practicality.

We know we are biased, but let’s face it – you’re not going to find a safer, more comfortable shoe on the market, and we promise you, if you try one pair you’ll never look back.  So, if you’re ready to feel the difference yourself then jump on over to our store.  We are confident you won’t regret it.